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UX/UI Design

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Make reading for teenagers captivating through an immersive experience.


Our concept results revolves around an adaptation of 1984 by George Orwell. The idea is to create a version of the book with AR via a smartphone which works as a « reading guide » for readers. The goal is to immerse the reader in the Big Brother dictatorial world. As he reads, the teenager will face some elements with which he can interact and unlock new content in the application. To be more immersive, the application is provided by the government of Big Brother and accompanies the adolescent in his reading. "Big Brother is watching you" is the watchword of the application. It will follow the user up to tracking him in his choices and taking pictures without his knowledge to secretly create his own character profile at the heart of the application. This project has a double challenge. The first is to keep the reader in suspense until the end but also to make them aware of the use of their personal data, at a time where big data plays a big role in our lives.

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